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Osteoconstruction: Remodelling the Post-industrial Body and Landscape

Rachel Housley

Support Structures

Rachel Housley

A New Notation System

Rachel Housley

The Rubbish Dump ( Ceramic Series)

Chenyu Shen

The Rubbish Dump (Print)

Chenyu Shen

Love in the Sixth Mass Extinction

Edd Carr

Dogs in the Sixth Mass Extinction

Edd Carr

Plastified: An Ode

Alice Aires

Communication with the Inanimate - Animation Trailer

Izabela Duszenko

Spatial Design

Izabela Duszenko

Rca First Ever Sustainability Report

Magda Tritto

Sold Out

Bakhtawer Haider

Plan B Studio

Bakhtawer Haider


Mathias Kruse Jørgensen

Symbiotic Futures

Romy Snijders


Xiaofei Yang

EVERGREEN - A Private Venture Club Tackling Climate Opportunities

Kyle Zeno Macdonald

Urban Moments

Jae Sun Park

Lliw Lleol

Hannah Elisabeth Jones


Sylwia Orynek

Spirulina Society

Anya Muangkote

Kotto Tiles

Rowan Vyvyan

Kotto Mould

Rowan Vyvyan

Marine Devs.

Rowan Vyvyan

Sustainable Development: Recycling Bhar

Hanne Viehmann


Tung Han Wu

Introduction to Onlign

Lu Ye

Onlign OS and applications

Lu Ye

Precious Shanghai

Yuxin Lu


Minkyeong Shin

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