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Spaces of Reciprocity

Jade Tang


Peter Spanjer

First Sound

Hong Ming Siu

TS To Swansula 2092

Grace Emily Manning

Barbie Nonsense Instrument

(1Ming)Yiming Yang


arman ataman

New Miasma Theory Chapter 1

Ewa Poniatowska

SID (Sound Immersion Device)

Francois Menes

The Freedom of Unnamed Things - Part 3

Teresa Arêde

flows are...

Miyuki Oka

It Rains

Yayuan Xue


Kamola Askarova

Painting A Traumatic Memory

Katharine Segura Harvey

Photographic Books: Carnival… beyond the glitz of the parade I Shop… selling the ontology of whiteness I The Metaphysics and Racial Politics of Blackness through the work of Kerry James Marshall

Michael Forbes

RCA Studio – a view from the studio door.

Michael Forbes

Shower Siren

Dolly Kershaw


Yixin Flora Huang

A Map of the Tongue

Esme Boggis

Air Time

Esme Boggis

The You Cannot Be Seen The Words Cannot Be Said

Mengzhu Huang

The Cacophonic Orchestra

Lina Choi

Hyoid Bone

Christine Lee

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