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Aylesbury Estate Masterplan: New Mall

Taejin Choi

Value II: See-Through

Taejin Choi

Project Summary

Taejin Choi

E-waste Models

Shawn Adams

The Thames Ship Lab

Beth Elen Roberts

Made in Sheerness Makerspace

KyungWon Ryu

CORNER- the being of chamber

Peizheng Zou

RECALLING - the memory of Sherrness

Peizheng Zou

RETREATING - on the sea

Peizheng Zou

Purgatory Practice

Emma Tighe

Fastenings for Tiscar Espadas, June 2020

Bronte Schwier

1872 to 2020

Valerie Itteilag

The Uncomfortable Minority Seat

Valerie Itteilag

rEvolution - The book of the project.

Adrian Ward


Adrian Ward

‘The ReEnlightenment’

Tere Chad

Souvenir of time

Yufei Hu

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