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Interactive Web Program The Gap Between Room Advertising and Reality

Kyung Jin Jeong

The Explorer

Alexia Charoud

IaT // Interactive Thing

Tobias Löhe


Tobias Löhe


Aliki Siganou

LightHouse: Mobile Application

Malvika Bhasin

The Unmentioned - An AR Walk Into Alzheimer's World

Wenwen Fan

The Unmentioned - The Altered Reality

Wenwen Fan

SENSAURA: Wearable & Spatial Audio

Sophie Horrocks

SpaceTime: Sensory Calendar

Sophie Horrocks

The Village

Feiqi Wang

Project Androline - A New Public Transport Standard

Jianyu (Andy) Zou

Project Androline - Interior Development & Future Potential

Jianyu (Andy) Zou

Project Androline - Physical Model & Animation

Jianyu (Andy) Zou

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