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Osteoconstruction: Remodelling the Post-industrial Body and Landscape

Rachel Housley

Three Eras of Calcium Metabolism

Rachel Housley

The Pier, an artist-led roadside refectory

Nina Coulson

Look to Earth

Emmie Ray Hubbard

Look to Earth I

Emmie Ray Hubbard

Look to Earth II

Emmie Ray Hubbard

Our Ancient Mark. Elm to Ash

Emmie Ray Hubbard

Our Ancient Mark II

Emmie Ray Hubbard

Our Ancient Mark III

Emmie Ray Hubbard

Avoidance Series

Emily Moore

1872 to 2020

Valerie Itteilag

The Black Wall

Serena Huang

'SCULPTING IS SO MUCH FUN!!!’ Keyword: ‘Amateur’

Laura Robertson

rEvolution - The book of the project.

Adrian Ward


Adrian Ward

a dying trade

Adrian Ward

Cossacks or Janissaries

Shir Cohen

'She' grows ardently

Manye Xu

The Freedom of Unnamed Things - Part 2

Teresa Arêde

A Walk along the Mitcham Road (Tooting)

Matthew Dowell

Untitled (Bread Man)

Jiwon Kwak

Untitled (Peanut Girl)

Jiwon Kwak

Untitled (Puffer Vacuum)

Jiwon Kwak

Broken English

Ravista Mehra


Ravista Mehra

Design in Quarantine

Fleur Elkerton


Julie Maurin

Made in Sheerness Makerspace

KyungWon Ryu

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