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Osteoconstruction: Remodelling the Post-industrial Body and Landscape

Rachel Housley

Support Structures

Rachel Housley

Three Eras of Calcium Metabolism

Rachel Housley

A New Notation System

Rachel Housley


Rachel Housley


Kamola Askarova

Night watch

Liu Yuntong

Introduction : Beyond Sickness

Harriet Welch

Duration in the age of the instant : on not knowing

Harriet Welch

‘Dressing’ the body in sickness: skin does not protect from the inside out

Harriet Welch

The aestheticisation of ‘wellness’

Harriet Welch

A reflection on immunity: destruction

Harriet Welch

An interview with Ane Graff : material bodies

Harriet Welch

Afterword: illness, advocacy, and the environment

Harriet Welch

'How can you be more beautiful, on the inside?'

Harriet Welch

LightHouse: Mobile Application

Malvika Bhasin

AURA – Outcome

Chris Motz

Knowtrition – healthtech and food retail innovation

Agata Juszkiewicz

Household Health

Alessandro Paone

Spirulina Society

Anya Muangkote

Evoke nest

Cristina Sanchez Orti


Sam Sheckells


Hanson Cheng

The Jacket

Hanson Cheng

MicroMe: Live in Harmony with your Microbes

Huilin Li

Geia: AI for Healthy Buildings

Tom Pais

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