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You are in a Block of Tofu

Juliette Coquet

Interactive Sculpture

Izabela Duszenko

Spatial Design

Izabela Duszenko

Splice Physical Output

(1Ming)Yiming Yang

The Explorer

Alexia Charoud

Biodesign I Redefining Darkness

Carolina Carmona Hermenegildo

LightHouse: Mobile Application

Malvika Bhasin

The Unmentioned - An AR Walk Into Alzheimer's World

Wenwen Fan

The Unmentioned - The Altered Reality

Wenwen Fan

SENSAURA: Wearable & Spatial Audio

Sophie Horrocks

T.I.D.E. : Democratising Design

Sophie Horrocks

Knowtrition – healthtech and food retail innovation

Agata Juszkiewicz

Spectrum – workflow and content management system

Agata Juszkiewicz

The Radiant City - Synopsis

Feiqi Wang

The Village

Feiqi Wang

Counter Culture

Finn Strivens


Rob Krentz

Knock Knock- A socially enabled resident experience

Irene Yueh-Ling Liao

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