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Archival Study: Architecture and the Protest

Ambrose Yiu

The Context: Testing Collages in Hong Kong

Ambrose Yiu

The Archetype: Digital Cast Models

Ambrose Yiu

An Inspiration: Infrastructure for the Collective

Ambrose Yiu

The Composition: Common Roof

Ambrose Yiu

The Project: Scenes of Appropriation

Ambrose Yiu

An Infrastructure of Our Times: The Civic Lighthouse

Ambrose Yiu

LightHouse: Mobile Application

Malvika Bhasin

SENSAURA: Wearable & Spatial Audio

Sophie Horrocks


Helene Benz

Vulnerable Superhero

Mariana Malta

Spirulina Society

Anya Muangkote


Gabrielle Tanneau

Pureplay, running the activity

Gabrielle Tanneau

Pureplay, the kit

Gabrielle Tanneau

The Sustainability Fader

Hanne Viehmann

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