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Airtomo Air Purification System

Kevin Chiam

Vertical Neighbourhood: A Kindergarten for Empty Nesters | Project Overview

Nettie Mohan Ni

Night watch cafe - Lovett's lamppost

Liu Yuntong

Plan B Studio

Bakhtawer Haider

The Greyfield Project

Georgia Cottington

Open-Source Design I Have a seat

Carolina Carmona Hermenegildo

LightHouse: Mobile Application

Malvika Bhasin

T.I.D.E. : Democratising Design

Sophie Horrocks

AcrosSilos; Developing joined-up approaches in local governments

Emilia D'Orazio


Min Kim


Elliot Lunn

Spirulina Society

Anya Muangkote


Natalie Kerres

GENKI - the ankle brace

Natalie Kerres

The Future of Medical Design

Natalie Kerres

Gabrielle Tanneau

SHAPING THE FUTURE | designing an informed body

Johannes Recla

ONE WAY TO SEE & HEAR IT | the first of its generation

Johannes Recla

the PURE SOUND&SCULPTURE by Johannes Recla

Johannes Recla

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