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Akis Kokkinos

So remember the liquid ground is conceived as a programme of meditative and sensorial experiences across the digital, physical and spiritual realms. Responding to and expanding from the forgotten social histories and ecologies of Vauxhall in London, the programme has been inspired by the secret and suppressed River Effra, which flows underneath the area. The river acts as a way to re-imagine, navigate, feel and find ways in which we connect and synchronise with our surroundings.

The immersive programme features newly commissioned live sound streaming, moving images and performances, by Soundcamp Collective, Myriam Lefkowitz and Julie LaporteZoë MardenEduardo NavarroAnna NazoHimali Singh Soin and Linda Stupart
The programme also includes a Reading Room that acts as a circadian space for collective imagining and reflection on the body beyond authoritative representation, with contributions from Chus MartínezClay ADHelga SchmidIgnota, PaperWork Magazine and NXS.

So remember the liquid ground is curated by Benjamin Darby, Yoojin Kang, Akis Kokkinos, Angelina Li, Lenette Lua, Louise Nason as part of the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme Graduate Projects 2020, Royal College of Art in partnership with Gasworks.
It is also generously supported by Vauxhall One. 

A physical iteration of the project will be presented in Autumn 2020 in the wider area of Vauxhall.

Image Caption: WATERSHED, 2020, Linda Stupart, video still



Akis Kokkinos is a Greek curator, based in South London. Akis has worked for major cultural institutions in Greece and the UK, private collections, as well as independent projects. They studied the MA Curating contemporary art at the Royal College of Art (2018-2020) supported twice by the NEON scholarship as well as the Schilizzi Foundation, and the RCA continuation fund. 

Akis' practice is focused on ways to disrupt the 'objective' and institutional by introducing or supporting other less appreciated and recognised forms of knowledge.Through multidisciplinary discourses, eco-feminist, non-western approaches, and other non- rational thoughts and philosophies, their practice focuses on the less spoken, invisible or liminal. Currently, their research is centred on environmental care through considering indigenous cosmologies, post-colonial and queer theories as well as esoteric and spiritual practices. This is with a view to explore and embrace non-linear and non-binary entanglements across species.

Their dissertation titled Interweaving the curatorial in beyond-human worlds aims to reposition the curatorial practice within an ecological discourse and asks: What is the model and format of the “Chthulucene” in the curatorial practice? How we, as curators, can work with and of the earth in order to create collective consciousness and symbiotic relationships with the non-human agents? What forms of knowledge does the curatorial need to produce in the age of climate change and how can we decolonize traditional museological mechanisms that go against them? 

Akis has also been accepted as a resident in the multidisciplinary research project “La Wayaka Current” in La Guna Yala, Panama to explore new perspectives in ecological crisis through indigenous community engagement (partially funded by the residency).

During their studies, Akis and Will Rees co-curated "Extra Credit": a self-initiated program, funded by the CCA (RCA), that explored contemporary socio-political debates and alternative structures of working in the arts ecology. Invited speakers included Lucia Pietrousti, founder and curator of the General Ecology Project, members of the Asia Art Activism, and independent curators such as Kiki Mazzucchelli among others.

Akis is also an active member of the Museum Professionals Network powered by the British Council in Greece.    


Myriam Lefkowitz, Walk, Hands, Eyes (Hannover), Festival Theaterformen 2017. Photo: Moritz Kuester.

To Tehran in My Dreams, 2016/2020, Himali Singh Soin, performance still

Anna Nazo, Devia, 2019, performance for ArtFutura 2019 Festival, Iklectik Art Lab, London; photograph by Pau Ros

Zoë Marden, The Tentacles of COVID Capitalism, 2020, video still

Visual identity, designed by Hyunsong Lee

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Vauxhall One

Vauxhall One is a Business Improvement District (BID), established and run by local businesses to drive improvements in Vauxhall. Our key project areas focus on promoting Vauxhall as a destination, improving the area’s safety, carrying out innovative greening and undertaking daily cleaning. As part of our commitment to promoting Vauxhall as a cultural destination, we are delighted to support local art and creative talent, including the amazing programme at Gasworks.

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